GATRGuided Advanced Tactical Rocket (US DoD)
GATRGround Antenna Transmit and Receive (satellite communications; US NASA)
GATRGreat American Truck Racing
GATRGround-to-Air Transmit & Receive
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The GATR-FLEX and GATR 950 together make a highly efficient data transfer terminal designed to maximize portability of sub-meter satellite communications leveraging high throughput satellites (HTS).
Cubic has completed the acquisition of GATR for a purchase price of USD 232.5m.
"As a proven leader in the expeditionary satellite communications industry, GATR Technologies will offer our customers an even broader offering of key communication solutions to the Department of Defense, intelligence community and commercial customers," said Bradley H.
started unilaterally "enforcing" GATr rules, GATT states decided a more usable enforcement mechanism would be preferable.
The Ground Air Transmit Receive (GATR) system will consist of several ground stations and onboard equipment to allow high-security voice and data transmissions over the whole of the United Arab Emirates territory.
(7.) For a detailed history of agriculture negotiations in the GATR prior to the Uruguay Round, see Paeman and Bensch 1995, chaps.
The restructuring of the global economy in the direction of ever more export-led industrialization, also in the South and East, is driven by the big TNCs, in whose hands more and more capital and power are concentrated, and politically and ideologically upheld by institutions like the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade GATR), now the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Instead, a more relevant policy would be to adjust to the Uruguay Round (UR) Agreement, which, like the GATr, does not subscribe to a free trade policy, even though it promises to enhance market access for goods and services by reducing the explicit and implicit forms of protection.
359-65.) (28.) "Signatories" refers to the subset Of GATR Contracting parties that sign a particular Tokyo Round GATT Code; "contracting parties" refers to all GATT member countries.