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GATTGeneral Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GATTGeneral Agreement on Trades and Tariffs (World Trade Organization)
GATTGraphics Address Translation Table
GATTGene Amplification with Transcription/Translation (nucleic acids research)
GATTGhana Association of Travel and Tourist Agents (Ghana)
GATTGovernment Acceptance Test Team
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Technically as GATT has not officially been approved, it is not in the list of agreements in Harris's book.
Article XV, paragraph 4 of the GATT provides that [contracting parties shall not, by exchange action, frustrate the intent of the provisions of this Agreement, nor, by trade action, the intent of the provisions of the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund.
The GATT agreement will be applied in Kuwait in 2012.
In the years since GATT entered into force, however, these obligations have not been enforced despite the fact that the GATT membership was consistently notified about the creation of PTAs and their legality was subject to review.
The GATT operated from 1947 until the emergence of WTO on January 1, 1995.
GATT Contracting Parties recommend that ITC be operated jointly by UNCTAD and GATT as from 1 January 1968.
Despite this success, by the 1980s several problems had surfaced with the GATT apparatus.
In addition, GATT announced the resignation of its chief financial officer, Robert Roe.
Few multilateral organizations have had as much impact on the evolution of the postwar world as the GATT and few have had such an unpromising conception.
The GATT deal mandated that Japan import rice equal to 4% of its annual consumption in fiscal 1995 and hike the share by 0.
With Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone's decision to give up the Democratic race because of health reasons, with House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt's endorsement of Gore, and with Jackson's decision to forgo the Presidential sweepstakes, there is no serious candidate in either party who is attacking NAFTA, GATT, the World Trade Organization, corporate mergers, or other factors that conspire to lower wages, weaken unions, reduce environmental protections, and diminish democracy.