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Wanja and Gatu served us couple goals, and another follower asked how they were faring on.
(18) Van der Water, "Friendship," 50; Robert Reese, "John Gatu and the Moratorium on Missionaries," Missiology: An International Review 42:3 (2014), 245-46.
Meanwhile, GATU media head Mohammed Mahdi said unionists wanted a decision taken in July to reduce the number of tickets allocated to staff, from 10 to eight, to be reversed.
(60) Voiced most powerfully by John Gatu, chairman of the Presbyterian Church in Kenya, before the US National Council of Churches in 1971 and taken up at the Bangkok Assembly in 1973 and at the All Africa Council of Churches meeting in Lusaka in 1974.
Using GATU software (10), we identified 166 ORFs (online Technical Appendix,
"After careful consideration and a series of consultations with the Gulf Air Trade Union (GATU) and the Ministry of Labour, we have come up with a VRS that we feel offers a reasonable financial package to Bahrainis and former owner-state nationals wishing to leave Gulf Air and wanting to pursue other business or personal ventures."
Village China at War: The Impact of Resistance to Japan, 1937-1945, by Dagfinn Gatu. Vancouver, British Columbia, UBC Press and Copenhagen, NIAS Press, 2008.
Mndende's contention finds some support from some African Christian theologians who argue, in their diverse ways, that "the God of Africa is as good as the God of Christendom, if not better." They include Samuel Kibicho, John Gatu, Gabba and Gabriel Setiloane.
John Gatu from Kenya called for a moratorium of mission.
A similar omission is noted on page 151 where he quotes John Gatu on the subject of moratorium but fails to provide the source.
Since the disappearance of Brothers Robin Lindsay, Francis Tofi, Alfred Hilly, Patteson Gatu, Ini Partabatu and Tony Sirihi, conflicting reports had emerged of their whereabouts.
Goteborgs Gatu AB has received an order from the traffic office of the city of Gothenburg for management and maintenance of a ticket payment system, and after-sales service and assistance with parking.