GATUGenome Annotation Transfer Utility
GATUGeriatric Assessment and Treatment Unit (various organizations; Canada)
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Within the next few days, after more meetings with the lawyers, GATU will announce a plan of action.
We have reacted to the dismissals in three ways; first, we have sent a circular to all GATU members rejecting the dismissals and detail of the meeting.
GATU is now hoping to meet Labour Ministry officials and Gulf Air management.
GATU spokesman Mohammed Mahdi said the downsizing plan was unclear and urged staff not to accept the redundancy package.
GATU represents 1,110 Gulf Air staff and NTUGA around 300.
The GATU is planning to discuss the airline's future during a meeting with MPs tomorrow.
Under current rules any member of staff made redundant is entitled to four months' salary plus one month for every year they have been employed at the airline, GATU spokesman Mohammad Mahadi told the GDN.
The management showed us a series of presentations and one of those showed that as part of the downsizing plan, a total of 1,266 staff will be axed from different departments," said GATU spokesman Mohammed Mahdi.
We have already given our response to them which was clear and short," said GATU spokesman Mohammad Mahdi.
Under the landmark deal, GATU will not only be able to represent their 1,370 members on issues such as worker's rights and demands, but all of the airline's employees on disciplinary issues as well.
However, GATU chairman Mustafa Al Tooq yesterday clarified that the union was actually planning a sit-in.
However, GATU is concerned the downsizing process will be done based on favouritism and not according to company needs.