GATUGenome Annotation Transfer Utility
GATUGeriatric Assessment and Treatment Unit (various organizations; Canada)
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Within the next few days, after more meetings with the lawyers, GATU will announce a plan of action.
We held the IV Rugball Championship and devoted much, much time to voluntary actions and a meeting with veterans, "added Irina Artyukhina, an employee of the FSBU Headquarters in the Perm GATU.
Also, the soldiers of the student groups of the Perm GATU passed trainings and master classes.
I expect that our agitational work with active youth and high school students, supported by new knowledge, will give excellent results, "said the student of the FGBU in the Perm GATU Veronika Milyutina.
At least 30 Bahrainis have now been forced to take voluntary retirement packages, said GATU spokesman Mohammed Mahdi.
Teams from 26 universities take part in the Games: FGBOU VO Bashkirsky GAU, FGBOU VO Kurskaya GSAA, FGBOU VO Chuvashskaya GSAA, FGBOU VO Samara State Agricultural Academy, FGBOU VO Ryazan GATU, FGBOU VO Kemerovo State Agricultural Academy, FGBOU VO Michurinsky GAU, FGBOU VO Orlovsky State University, FGBOU VO Omsk State University, FGBOU VO Bryansky State Automobile Inspectorate, FGBOU VGA RGAU - MAAA them.
The management of Bahrain's national carrier Gulf Air met with the representatives of the airline's two unions - GATU and NTAGU - to brief them on the airline's restructuring strategy.
However, GATU spokesman Mohammed Mahdi told the GDN the airline had hoped to lose 600 employees in the second round of cuts from February 21 to March 20, but only 300 came forward - even though it was extended from March 6.
There should be some transparency so that at least we, at GATU, know what is exactly happening," he said during the event, attended by airline staff and members of the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions (GFBTU).
Since the beginning of the year, specialists of the RISC of Permsky Krai together with specialists from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Region, scientists of the Perm GATU have conducted a survey of 29 organizations on breeding livestock breeding on the issue of pedigree accounting, support for the preparation of documents for 7 enterprises to determine the type of breeding activities, and developed breeding and breeding plans for three farms, the validity of data on the origin and pedigree value of animals was checked and the formation of 892 tribal saints ideologies.
The executive management (at Gulf Air) has called on both trade unions to submit our proposals for restructuring within 24 hours which is impossible to do in the time given," said GATU spokesman Mohammad Mahdi.