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GAUSSGrab Any Unused Slots
GAUSSGeophysical Airborne Unmanned Survey System (US Department of Energy)
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The joint venture company, Gauss Infomed, will offer picture archiving and communication systems and electronic medical record software, along with other related product solutions for the ophthalmology healthcare IT market.
I want to suggest, however, that Troll Thread and Gauss PDF can be considered metaphorical extensions of avant-garde little magazine communities.
Shader pseudocode for horizontal separable gauss 7x7 filter pass:
POPOVICIU, Sur une generalisation de la formule d'itegration numerique de Gauss, Acad.
One of the best method is Gauss Seidel for solving non-linear systems of equations.
GAUSS investigators at 33 sites in North America, Australia, and Europe enrolled patients, aged 18-75 years, with hypercholesterolemia who were considered intolerant to at least one statin because of muscle-related events and who had LDL cholesterol levels above the risk-based goals set by the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP).
If Flame and Gauss were massive spy operations, infecting thousands of users, miniFlame/SPE is a high precision, surgical attack tool," the Kaspersky Lab report said.
Its experts published a research paper about Gauss that analyzed its primary functions and characteristics, in addition to its architecture, the malware's unique modules, communication methods, and its infection statistics.
that Gauss is looking for an application developed and named in a non-English
If correct, that would position Gauss as the junior partner in crime to Flame in the same way that Duqu was believed to be a smaller and more targeted development from the Stuxnet malware used to undermine Iran's nuclear programme in 2010, Kaspersky added.
The new malware, dubbed Gauss, appears to be crafted to steal internet banking credentials, and is believed to be linked to the Flame attacks uncovered in June.
Security experts not connected with the lab were less sure that a government was behind Gauss.