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In fact, the channel with a jammer can be modeled as Gaussian arbitrarily varying channel (GAVC) [18] and information theoretical analysis has shown that the capacity of GAVC equals zero in a certain condition, which was referred as symmetric condition.
We show that a dual-hop multi-antenna relay network in the presence of a jammer can be converted to an equivalent GAVC when the relay performs the linear beamforming scheme.
capacity of the equivalent GAVC equals zero, which is noted as the equivalent symmetric condition.
From (4), the dual-hop relay network can be regarded as the conventional GAVC with the equivalent source signal [x.sub.S,eq] (A) = [h.sup.T.sub.R,D][Ah.sub.S,R][x.sub.S], the equivalent jamming signal [x.sub.J,eq] (A) = [h.sup.T.sub.R,D][Ah.sub.J,R][x.sub.J] and the equivalent Gaussian noise [z.sub.eq] (A) = [h.sup.T.sub.R,D][Az.sub.R] + [z.sub.D].