GAWMGetting Away with Murder (Papa Roach song)
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But that's because ye don't gawm the sorrowin'mother was a hell-cat that hated him because he was acrewk'd, a regular lamiter he was, an' he hated her so that he committed suicide in order that she mightn't get an insurance she put on his life.
Some of the weirdest sounding Yorkshire words are: | Collop - a large slice, or dollop of food From the Swedish "kalops" | gawm - common sense From gaumr, origin of the word gormless | gowk - a cuckoo From gaukr | jannock - fair, right (justice) From jamn |minnin-on - a snack to stave off hunger until the main meal comes round From minna (to remind) |rig-welted - describes a sheep which is stuck on its back From hrygg (spine) and velte (overturn) |skeelbeease - a partition in a cowshed From skelja (to divide) | slocken - to quench one's thirst Related to modern Norwegian slokke (to quench) | |Credits: The Viking Network.
Over many visits to Attitash-Bear Peak over the years, I had never managed to ski Wilfred's Gawm, a sharp, snaking pitch from the top of Attitash.