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OK, sometimes a cigar is a cigar, a duck is a duck and, well, your gaydar isn't broken.
Gda Malcolm Hooks told the court how the boy downloaded Gaydar and put a fake profile claiming he was 19.
The admissions show that Dewani was logged into Gaydar while waiting with his new bride for their connecting flight to Cape Town.
TomoNews made the video following ( calls for so-called 'gaydar' tests on men visiting countries which belong to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) , revealed by IBTimes UK, where homosexual acts are banned.
The former Spice Girl said that her gaydar is useless, though she's learned to pick up some signs these days.
Specifically, the form of nonverbal or indirect communication known popularly as "gaydar" factors into student perception of an instructor's sexuality: gaydar, which we shall define and illustrate below, can facilitate a GLQ student's perceived connection to an instructor as role model and ally, while non-GLQ students, unaware and indifferent to such signals, need not be subjected to bias-producing direct revelations.
The Liverpool and England midfielder topped the table in a poll conducted by Gaydar.
And how exactly do you switch on your gaydar? Although the film centres on Jan, it is more about the whole process of coming out.
(And if you couldn't figure out that we were a lesbian couple, you had absolutely no gaydar.) We were welcomed by our neighbors, who thanked us for fixing up the property.
He has posted his picture on networking site Gaydar, where he describes himself a "bisexual", says he likes men in uniform and claims to be single.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-22 September 2006-QSoft to introduce new Gaydar mobile dating service in UK(C)1994-2006 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD