GBAUDGiga Baud
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>Long-Haul and Metro Components: 64 GBaud driver and TIA
NeoPhotonics Corporation announced the demonstration of its new technologies such as silicon photonics based 64 Gbaud COSA at Optical Fiber Communication Conference in San Diego.
The "Higher Baud Rate Coherent Driver Modulator" project will define a new version of the Coherent Driver Modulator supporting at least 96 Gbaud for the low modem implementation penalty segment of the coherent market for single optical carrier line rates beyond 400 Gbit/s.
It supports baud rates to 4.25 GBaud and has options for multi-mode or single-mode optical interfaces.
"400GbE speeds are being deployed using either the 26.5625-Gbaud PAM4 x 8 lanes or 53.125- Gbaud PAM4 x 4 lanes methods.
Whereas previous generation coherent systems operate at 32-35 GBaud, the new generation will be capable of operating at 56 GBaud or higher, which means it can process more symbols per second.
Resultant 1 Gbaud 4-PSK (four-state phase-shift keying) signal is generated after the radio-frequency (RF) signals are modulated via an electrooptical I/Q modulator, where RF frequency is kept at 2 GHz.
The optical systems that are able to use advanced modulation formats, for instance, 16-state quadrature amplitude modulation (16-QAM), require laser linewidth of around 1 MHz for symbol rate 10 GBaud [1, 6].
* 30 GBaud signals per optical carrier, with a data rate of 233 Gb/s
VPX backplane suppliers now offer compliant COTS 3U and 6U OpenVPX backplanes for Genl as well as Gen2 fabric baud rates (up to 6.25 Gbaud standard).