GBBGrand Beatbox Battle (gaming)
GBBGas Blow Back
GBBGalesburg (Amtrak station code; Galesburg, IL)
GBBGeneral Broadband
GBBGlobe Broadband
GBBGroningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute (The Netherlands)
GBBGlass Bottom Boat (marine vessel)
GBBGershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc. (waste management)
GBBGod Bless the Beatles (fan site)
GBBGood, Better, Best
GBBGeneric Blackboard (data system)
GBBGreat Bahama Bank (carbonate platform)
GBBGirls Behaving Badly (TV show)
GBBGuy's Big Bite (TV show)
GBBGross Ballast Bonus (shipping industry)
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MAGEE, KAREN, GBB Inc., PO Box 174, Campbellvllle, ON LOP 1B0
To enter the circulation, intestinal bacterial metabolites have to pass through the intestinal barrier (GBB).
(B) Hh originating from TFCs and CpCs can promote CpCs and AECs to secrete Gbb or Dpp, which is indirectly beneficial for the self-renewal of OGSCs.
TriAD Environmental Consultants and Cooley Public Strategies LLC, both headquartered in Tennessee, will join GBB on this assignment.
Soldering a head slider to a tongue surface can be achieved by using gold ball bonding (GBB) or solder ball bonding (SBB).
Portland's Garcia Birthday Band, or GBB, plays upbeat, rocking classics from Dead and the likes of Bob Dylan, Smokey Robinson, the Beatles, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Cliff, Merle Haggard, Warren Zevon, Phish and Peter Tosh.
Fundus (GBF) and body (GBB) of the gallbladder Note the fundus (FG), body (BG) and pyloric region (PR) in the gastric compartment.
Thanks to previous visits to Girls Breaking Boundaries by Dona Rudderow, founder and CEO of The Annapolis-based The JNP (Jane NOT Plain) Project (, many of the GBB girls have already met Jane, Jake, and Oracle (Jane's extraordinary pet goldfish), the main characters of Jane & Jake's Adventures to Awesome, JNP's new illustrated chapter book series offering adventures in awesome truth, kindness, harmony, forgiveness, giving, love, determination, compassion, and strength.
(TSX Venture: GBB) (OTC: GBBFF) under an amended agreement, the companies said.
[5.] Kristensen GBB, Monsen G, Skeie S, Sandberg Standardized evaluation of nine instruments for self-monitoring of blood glucose.
Table 4 Letters and represented sounds in the CSAID a /a/ a /e/ chh /t[[??].sup.h]/ cy /c/ dz /dz/ e /e/ gbb /b/ gg /g/ gwh /[g.sup.w]/ gy /gj/ j /dz/ jh /dz/ kw /[k.sup.w]/ kwh /k[w.sup.h]/ m /[??]/ n /n/ p /p/ pf /pf/ /r /r/ rw /[r.sup.w]/ ?