GBBIGreater Baltimore Bus Initiative
GBBIGovernment Broadband Index (Economist Intelligence Unit)
GBBIGujarat Brethren Bible Institute (India)
GBBIGrace Baptist Bible Institute (Ohio)
GBBIGist-Brocades/Bio-Intermediair (Dutch fermentation company)
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“Among the advantages of our new Mobile Locator service is its complete customizability,” explains Dan Olasin, President and CEO of GbBIS. “It is specifically designed to be compatible with any company's corporate identity.
Employing an extensive library of data and proprietary tools, GbBIS' new Mobile Locator is designed to match the style of any business.
GbBIS, a division of Intelligent Direct Inc., is a leading provider of geographic-based business information solutions, ensuring companies the tools they need to find success.