GBFAGuyana Beach Football Association
GBFAGhana Bodybuilding and Fitness Association (Ghana)
GBFAGreater Boston Flute Association (Boston, MA)
GBFAGolden Boot Football Academy (Australia)
GBFAGlobal Business Financial Advisors (Michigan)
GBFAGestion Banque, Finance et Assurance (French: Management Banking, Finance and Insurance)
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(2) Secondly, with the embedding map T, the intra-class compactness can be characterized from the intrinsic graph, GbFA defines the square of the norm in the form of the matrix trace as follows:
(2) In contrast to TLDA, TGbLDA outperforms obviously, especially on YaleB with obvious nonlinear structure, which illustrates that TGbLDA inherits the nonlinear characteristics of the GbFA.
On the basis of Graph-based Fisher Analysis (GbFA), th paper proposed a face recognition Tensor Graph-based Linear Discriminant Analysis (TGbLDA).