GBFBGreater Boston Food Bank
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Over 2,100 people played MindCamp during the three-day DMA conference, and the social media activity associated with the launch resulted in the $1,000 donation to the GBFB. Wilde Agency's donation represents a value of 3,000 meals for needy adults and children in eastern Massachusetts.
"Wilde Agency is happy to help the work of this important organization," said John Sisson, agency President, "especially at this time of year when the need can be great." GBFB is the largest hunger-relief organization in New England and among the largest food banks in the country.
Incorporated in 1982, the GBFB began by distributing about 100,000 pounds of food a year from the basement of a church and the back of a station wagon.
Today, as one of 200 food banks that are part of Feeding America, the national network formerly known as America's Second Harvest, GBFB distributes between 600,000 and 700,000 pounds of food a week--an estimated 29 million pounds a year--to about 600 non-profit emergency food providers, soup kitchens, homeless shelters and pantries in nine counties in eastern Massachusetts.
For instance, GBFB made a commitment to stay in Boston, where it could provide jobs and contribute to the revitalization of the Newmarket area.
Sometimes GBFB knows a truck is arriving, but doesn't know what will be on it.
GBFB has created a separate inspection and sortation process to salvage and repalletize the non-first line product.
First, after realizing it was running out of space for its distribution operations, the GBFB made a commitment to stay in Boston, not flee to the lower-cost 495 corridor that surrounds the city 20 miles to the west.
The GBFB decided it could do even more good by providing jobs to the Newmarket Business District in the city's re-energized South End.
In addition to expanding, GBFB will work on efficiency by introducing a warehouse management system, reducing bulk storage, improving inventory tracking and designing a better pick path.