GBFSGranulated Blast Furnace Slag
GBFSGeneral Bikeshare Feed Specification (open data standard)
GBFSGarden Bird Feeding Survey (UK)
GBFSGesellschaft zur Bildung und Forschung im Schornsteinfegerhandwerk (German: Society for Education and Research in the Chimney Sweep Trade)
GBFSGeorgian Bay Folk Society
GBFSGreedy Best-First Search
GBFSGreenish Brown Female Sheep
GBFSGeoBase File System (spatial data storage)
GBFSGlobal Business Finance Services
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The GBFs were designed and built by Royal BAM Group in the Neptune dry dock on the Tyne.
The compressive strength increased with GBFS content.
Now experts say that the success of these duos could have contributed to the growing trend for GBFs.
and this specifies the GBF for m-th cluster in the k-th class where [[sigma].sup.2.sub.m,k] is the variance, [[upsilon].sub.m,k] is the cluster centroid and d represents the dimension of the input vector.
The first gravity-based foundation (GBF) has been successfully installed at the Blyth Offshore Demonstrator wind farm, the first time a specialist 'float and submerge' method has been used on an offshore wind farm.
The primary raw material used in this study was a Colombian granulated blast furnace slag (GBFS) from the factory Acerias Paz del Rio, and metakaolin produced in the laboratory by calcination of Colombian kaolin containing minor traces of quartz and dickite.
[14] partially substituted cement with fly ash and GBFS to investigate variations in the concrete strength and determine the optimal ratio of the utilised components.