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GBGBGaming Board for Great Britain
GBGBGreyhound Board of Great Britain (UK)
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GBGBGood Bye Golf Ball
GBGBGastric Bypass Gone Bad
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Nottingham's Harnden has acted following the recent RTE expose into Irish greyhound racing, but he is also imploring the GBGB to strongly clarify its own stance on the subject of exports which currently talks of intervention if any licensed person is found to be involved.
GBGB two million greyhound each A further 333 dogs were put to sleep because it was deemed too expensive to treat injuries they sustained while racing.
In March, Mr Paterson, who races at Sunderland Stadium, invited the Evening Gazette to look round his kennels during the GBGB's investigation.
At yesterday's GBGB summer board meeting, it was agreed that the process will follow a similar format to last year's application, namely an initial expression of interest followed by a more detailed business plan together with securing of sponsorship.
Any new application will be treated in accordance with GBGB's licensing procedure as accredited by UKAS.
Adrian Smith, stipendiary steward for East Anglia, is retiring after 25 years with GBGB and predecessor NGRC, while Robbie Steward, who is currently sampling steward for the Midlands, takes over the role.
The original dates proposed were not submitted in time for the race to be advertised for the necessary time period but dispensation has been granted by the GBGB's open-race planning committee for the competitions.
In addition, there are other greyhound awards for GBGB Best British-bred and GBGB dam of best British-bred (already announced as Skate On for the second year running) and Northridge Law Best Newcomer plus GBGB Graded Greyhound of the Year (Swift Keeper).
GBGB managing director Mark Bird stated nothing was yet confirmed, saying: "It is presumptive as we have not confirmed the details as to who is on the [decision-making] panel or that it will in fact go ahead on Thursday this week.
GBGB managing director Mark Bird said: "The GBGB Greyhound of the Year awards are the pinnacle of 2018's enormous effort both on and off the track and highlights the remarkable work of those who have such a passion for the sport.
GBGB managing director Mark Bird said: "As the regulator for licensed greyhound racing we demand the highest standards of welfare from everyone involved in our sport.
"Following inspections by GBGB stipendiary stewards, which judged the kennels to be unsatisfactory, the kennel owner was given strong warnings to improve conditions.