GBGMGeneral Board of Global Ministries (United Methodist Church; New York, NY)
GBGMGroupement Blindé de Gendarmerie Mobile (French: Mobile Armored Police Group)
GBGMGreater Bendigo Gold Mines (Australia)
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The GBGM has implemented a process in which the local church supervisor of a missionary is involved, in the end of term assessment of the missionary and his/her work.
The GBGM participates in the Sao Paulo Process - a process for the sharing of gifts and resources (beyond material resources) between the churches of North America, the Caribbean, and Latin America.
Increase in the number of representatives of central conferences of Europe, Africa, and Asia in the GBGM. The number of representatives has been raised from a total of seven to twenty-eight, in a total board of one hundred and seventy-six persons.
The GBGM has established the African Church Growth and Development Fund to develop, utilize and disburse resources in ways that would enhance the growth and self-determination of the United Methodist Churches in Africa.