GBHNGaris-Garis Besar Haluan Negara (Indonesian: Broad guidelines of state policy)
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(5.) In many of its official documents including GBHN, laws passed, presidential and ministerial decrees, the New Order constructed an image of Indonesia as a developing nation rooted in the state ideology of Pancasila.
The country's overall economic plan was included in the GBHN.
PJP II (1994/95 to 2018/19) and REPELITA VII (1998/99 to 2002/ 2003) were heavily centred on boosting manufacturing industries, including the promotion of labour-intensive and export-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) (see GBHN 1999, p.
The president will determine the political direction of the country in the next five years, instead of the MPR through its state policy guidelines (GBHN).
First, the powers of the MPR would suffer a distinct diminution with its role as the arbiter of the nation's president, vice-president and even the progenitor of the Broad Guidelines of State Policy (Garis Besar Haluan Negara, GBHN) being removed from its purview.
Krishna Sen has suggested recently that this imagery in any case may have shifted from the maternalist trope since the 1993 GBHN (Broad Outlines of State Policy) set out to redefine women as "worker" and as "equal partners of men".