GBHSGranite Bay High School (Granite Bay, CA)
GBHSGrand Blanc High School (Michigan)
GBHSGreater Birmingham Humane Society (Birmingham, AL)
GBHSGulf Breeze High School (Gulf Breeze, FL)
GBHSGlen Burnie High School (Maryland)
GBHSGerman-Bohemian Heritage Society (New Ulm, MN)
GBHSGreen Bay Historical Society
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The inferential statistical method used in this study was selected to determine whether a trend existed between PSM proportions and Gleason scores at biopsy and RP, as well as tumour stage as a means to compare the RP practice at the GBHS to the CCO evidentiary base literature.
Most of the patients undergoing RP at the GBHS were intermediate risk (62%), with smaller numbers of low-risk (24%) and high-risk (14%) patients (Table 1).
There were no perioperative deaths in the GBHS study group.
Most patients undergoing RP at the GBHS were intermediate risk (62%), using the risk stratification method proposed by D'Amico and endorsed by the CCO.
1] It would appear that the urologists at GBHS are performing adequately compared to their peers.
The ADC also gave away awards and shields to winner School GBHS Haji Fatah Mohammad Osto and amongst other dignitaries.
Solecki says the GBHS is also in the process of recruiting a new oncologist.