GBIGGreen Building Information Gateway (US Green Building Council)
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DOJ claims the purpose of the scheme was to sway Causey to take official action favorable to Lindberg's company, GBIG.
As the indictment alleges, the defendants gave, offered, and promised the commissioner millions of dollars in campaign contributions and other things of value in exchange for the removal of NCDOI's Senior Deputy Commissioner, who was responsible for overseeing regulation and the periodic examination of GBIG.
This was long before the boom of gBig Datah which has now eventually become a key term in innovation, drawing much attention from the public ever since the administration of U.S.
Shortly after the end of the project, this new term gBig Datah came up in the United States.
To date, in Boston only, there are 143 LEED-certified projects and 110 ENERGY STAR-labeled buildings, according to GBIG. Atlantic Wharf became Boston's first LEED Platinum skyscraper.
The free Green Building Information Gateway (GBIG), introduced by the USGBC.