GBLSGreater Boston Legal Services
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According to Johan Sjostrand, Business Developer at GBL, the idea behind the partner programme is to ensure that the entrepreneurs get professional help from the very best at a very early stage in their business development.
[section][section] 10721 and 13712 is obtained through a rate tender process under which the government may use a commercial bill of lading, a government bill of lading (GBL), or a tender agreement.
Under spot-movement solicitations, the tender is viewed as a continuing offer to perform transportation, and the issuance of a GBL is viewed as a basic transportation contract movements are exempt from the FAR.
The contractor in that case was a common carrier that provided transportation services to the Navy pursuant to the Transportation Act of 1940, and a GBL served as the contract between the parties.
In the fall of 2009, CLVU, GBLS, and HLS partnered with Boston Community Capital in a pilot program designed to win back homes for borrowers who could afford a lower mortgage payment but lost their house anyway.
respect to summary process actions, GBLS offers full representation in
GBLS' housing unit alone handled approximately 4,018 individual
(177) See Housing Unit, supra note 173 (describing GBLS Housing
By 1 year, 3 of the 27 remaining cohort members had died (all with respiratory involvement), and an additional 2 persons (1 with poliomyelitis-like syndrome, 1 with GBLS) were lost to follow-up, leaving 22 patients in the 1-year cohort.
One patient with GBLS and 1 with poliomyelitis-like syndrome were lost to follow-up by 1 year.
In a field experiment conducted in 48 villages in two districts of West Bengal during 2010-12, the authors implemented and assessed the results of TRAIL programs in 24 villages and GBL programs in the other 24 villages.
They found that TRAIL loans increased cultivation of potatoes, the major cash crop in the region, and farm incomes by 17 to 21 percent, while GBL loans had only "insignificant and highly dispersed effects." The authors argue that TRAIL agents, motivated by incentives tied to the loan-repayment structure, tended to select borrowers they were familiar with and considered low-risk and productive in general.