GBLURGays, Bisexuals, and Lesbians at the University of Regina (Canada)
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LIVE database is used to conduct the experiments, which contains five distortion types, including JPEG2000 (JPEG), JPEG, white Gaussian noise (WN), Gaussian blur (GBLUR), and fast-fading (FF).
Five types of distortions, JPEG, JP2K, Gblur, WN, and H.264, are symmetrically applied to the left and right reference stereoscopic images at various levels.
Since the proposed scheme is to measure the structure degradation, it is especially for Gblur distortion type and is an effective measure for WN distortion type on the NBU 3D IQA Database, LIVE 3D IQA Phase I Database, and LIVE 3D IQA Phase II-Symmetric Database.