GBMIGuilty But Mentally Ill
GBMIGlobal Brand Marketing, Inc. (est. 1996; Santa Barbara, CA)
GBMIGlobal Business Markets, Inc.
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Part IV will highlight the GBMI verdict as a tool of the prosecution with special emphasis on evidentiary and ethical considerations.
Alaska has both an NGI verdict, which negates culpability, and an alternate GBMI verdict, after which the defendant will be exposed to the same potential punishment as a sane offender.
Several other states, faced with similar high-profile crimes committed by released insanity acquittees, also adopted the GBMI verdict.
In response to highly publicized violent acts of recidivism committed by insanity acquittees, (100) several states adopted the GBMI verdict as an alternative to a finding of legal insanity.
In short, GBMI is a politically expedient "third-way"
believing their GBMI verdicts might mean that defendants with mental
29) In the present study, for example, the outcomes in the "pre-empted" cases were as follows: dismissal of case (n = 6); NGRI plea (n = 10); G or GBMI plea (n = 2); NGRI at trial (n = 18); and G at trial (n = 2).
GBMI is a Samoa based multinational corporation run by international professional management groups and is notably engaged in satellite wireless transmissions, satellite internet and data applications, DTH TV as well as providing 'head end in the sky' service for its cable operators.
Additionally, GBMI has been the global licensee for well-known brands Nautica, Sean John and 7ForAllMankind.
In addition to the asset purchase, Titan Apparel has hired the complete core of executives currently leading GBMI, including Killick Datta, its founder.
Schulte is credited with spearheading the identification, acquisition, and management of that company's PONY sneaker business, a brand which they took through a rapid value creation in less than three years from almost complete idleness before selling a majority stake to GBMI.
has entered into a global license agreement with GBMI of Santa Barbara, CA to produce a complete collection of Nautica men's footwear.