GBMPGreater Boston Manufacturing Partnership (business training; University of Massachusetts)
GBMPGénérale de Bâtiment Midi-Pyrénées (French construction company)
GBMPGroup B Meningococcal Polysaccharide Preparations
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GBMP Lean Operational Assessments include the following elements to ensure bottom-line, measurable and sustainable improvements specific to your business needs:
In addition, GBMP can assist companies than qualify in navigating the Workforce Training Fund grant process.
Typically, GBMP can perform an Operational Assessment interview and walk-through in just one morning or afternoon and, for a limited time GBMP is offering no-obligation Lean Operational Assessment free to companies within a 150-mile radius of Boston Massachusetts.
The annual event was created by the non-profit GBMP to provide information and inspiration to lean practitioners - from those just starting out to seasoned lean leaders from manufacturing, healthcare, insurance and other business sectors.
Since the release of the award-winning "Toast Kaizen" lean training video in 2004, GBMP has produced more than 30 lean training DVDs, books, manuals and training simulations to aid customers world-wide on their journey to operational excellence.
GBMP anticipates seamlessly serving its members, customers and clients during the transition.
The Continuous Improvement philosophies and best practices taught by GBMP to eliminate waste in manufacturing and office settings have been put to the test in healthcare environments around the world with much success.
This is the reason that GBMP workshops take place at a healthcare facility instead of in a hotel meeting room.
The event, organized by GBMP, is the largest for Lean implementers from the manufacturing and healthcare sectors in the Northeast United States, attracting nearly 600 attendees who come together for two days of networking, benchmarking and professional development.
The work done by the author John Kravontka and his associates at Fuss & O'Neill is essential and foundational to Toyota Production Systems (TPS) success and World Class operational excellence, and, according to Bruce Hamilton, President of GBMP, “everyone is very excited at the visibility created in this manual by John's many single point lessons.
About GBMP, Inc: Based at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, GBMP is a non-profit corporation that has worked with hundreds of companies, providing education and coaching resulting in millions in cost savings and increased sales.
During the conference, GBMP honored a record 19 nominees for the Silver Toaster Award for Employee Excellence in Lean and awarded the prize to Michael Fitzgerald of Ophir Optics in Andover, Massachusetts.