GBMRGlobal Business and Management Research (journal; Universal PUblishers; Boca Raton, FL)
GBMRGround-Based Microwave Radiometer
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One class is the methods only use contrast priors, including IT [6], MZ [7], AC [8], CA [9], LC [10], HC [11], FT [12], RC [11], GC [14], PD [15], the other methods use other priors, including CBS[16], HS[17], MSS [18], CHB [20], UFO [21], GS [22], DSR [23], BL [24], GL [26], RBD [27], BFS [29], MAC [30], MAP [31], GBMR [33].We use the implementation provided by authors to get the saliency maps.
Otherwise, compared with most related work GBMR, our method increases the precision from 0.9207 to 0.9332, and increases F-measure from 0.8957 to 0.9004 on ASD.
Compared to the saliency map generated by MAC, MAP, GBMR in Fig.