GBMSDGreen Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District (Green Bay, WI)
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This, coupled with a desire to further improve safety for the facility's employees and the surrounding community, prompted GBMSD management to switch to alternative disinfection chemicals in 1998.
At the GBMSD facility, each unit has been installed just after the first turn of flow enters the contact chamber.
With the GBMSD plant's former chlorine disinfection system, for example, operators maintained an average residual of 1.4 mg/L to ensure the plant consistently met its permit requirements for fecal kill.
At this point, the pressure was on the GBMSD to quickly ascertain the condition of the old pipes and to make decisions regarding their replacement.
To address the situation, the GBMSD retained HNTB Corporation of Milwaukee to undertake the evaluation of the Fox River Crossing's condition and adequacy.