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GBNGolden Band Resources
GBNGrenada Broadcasting Network (West Indies)
GBNGlobal Business Network
GBNGlenbrook North High School (Northbrook, Illinois)
GBNGlobal Benchmarking Network
GBNGlobal Benchmarking Network (alliance)
GBNGlobal Broadcast News (India)
GBNGolf Business Network (Bedminster, NJ)
GBNGo Back N (N = number to go back)
GBNGold Buckle Network (online network and retailer)
GBNGranta Backbone Network (university computing service; UK)
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The reigning MSL champs missed a chance to double their advantage on a missed penalty kick in the 8th minute, but it wasn't until after the break that GBN equalized on Joey Martens' 20-yard blast from the blue just outside the box.
'Now this is not the first time that we have had issues like this with GBN on reporting on the National Democratic Congress activities, and so even though at later on when the news came back at 10:00 pm whatever it was, was fixed,' said Randall Robinson, a former Public Relations Officer with the opposition party.
Argo Group International Holdings Ltd., the Bermuda-based specialty re/insurer, has become a member and network partner of GBN, a global insurance network of insurers, reinsurers, independent brokers and specialty suppliers, which operates in more than 140 countries.
The proposed method was successfully applied to the analysis of MET, SIT, GPZ, and GBN in their tablets, and it is suitable for the rapid quantitation of these drugs in single or combined dosage forms.
MAXIS GBN launched its Global Risk Solution (GRS), which is a single-employer, non-profit-sharing arrangement for centralized multinational companies with large global footprints that want to insure their local workforce as part of a larger worldwide employee population.
Recognising the current downturn in the economy and the need for partnership working, GBN are taking steps to engage with the business community.
Jim Porter, Environmental Business Adviser for the GBN, said: "Since the Government announced the availability of feed-in tariffs for the generation of renewable energy, we have received many inquiries from businesses who are thinking about having renewable technologies installed."
Organiser Caine Otley said the emphasis of the GBN is to help others achieve new business leads through referral marketing.
GBN chief executive Sean Curtis-Ward said: "It's a fantastic endorsement of both GBN and the appeal of the Premier League and Football League."
The event includes a GBN Forum that will cover topics on procurement trends and supply chain management issues specific to the relevant industries.
GBN's chemically bonded carded nonwovens are made from custom fibers formed into a continuous web and then printed or saturate bonded with a latex binder emulsion.
During a news conference on Wednesday, the NDC raised concerns about several national issues, however, during the 7:00 pm (local time) airing of the GBN nightly newss, the screen when blank and returned only at the end of the news.