GBNEGreatest Band Never Existed
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In turn, the Law on Guidelines and Bases of National Education (GBNE) (2013) 9.394/96 establishes the teaching of art as a compulsory curricular component in basic education, which will imply the obligatory teaching of the four main artistic languages--Visual Arts, Theater, Dance and Music--through this discipline, which made possible a greater insertion of comics books in school education.
Many achievements and advances have had to occur in Brazilian education, among them, the recognition of this language by the GBNE 9.394/96, NCPs, and its recognition as a pedagogical resource for the teaching and learning process, which seems to have become more evident in the 21st century.
68, "Black Mass": Gerard Pesson (Messe Noire--d'apres La gbne Sonate Scriabine from 2005) and Georg Friedrich haas (Opus 68 from 2003).