GBODGeneral Board of Discipleship (United Methodist Church)
GBODGreek Board of Directors (fraternities)
GBODGreen Blocks of Death (gaming)
GBODGreen Brackets of Death (Subaru, WRX, Impreza)
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"The mystique of tequila coming from some far away land in the foothills of Jalisco is a myth designed by a marketing team," says Ryan Andrews, beverage director for bar operator GBOD Hospitality Group in San Diego.
As some of the weights are not included in the GBoD project, disability weights for stages of the HPV vaccination model were obtained using the same methodology described in the Dutch study, involving the estimation of weights for 175 disease stages, sequelae and severity levels.
Ryan Andrews is the beverage director of San Diego-based GBOD Hospitality Group and lead bartender at its speakeasy bar Prohibition.