GBOTGeostationary Banana Over Texas (art intervention project)
GBOTGlobal Board of Trade Ltd. (Ebène, Mauritius)
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The introductory CFD contracts on GBOT will include GOLD (1 Troy Ounce), WTI Crude Oil (10 Barrels), EUR/USD (1000 Euro) and GBP/USD (1000 GBP)," said the release.
Rinsey Ansalam of GBOT says "the question is no longer should one invest in Africa; the question is can you afford not to invest in Africa?
Ramgoolam said the establishment of GBOT would add depth to the domestic financial markets and bring entirely new dimensions to financial services systems by providing knowledge, technology and business know-how to the country.
GBOT believes that Africa thus needs a market that will not only bring more value for its produce but also attune it with global financial markets and provide an avenue to safeguard it against volatility--be it in commodity prices or in currencies.
Commenting on that performance for the first day of trading, Joseph Bosco, MD & CEO of GBOT, said: "I would like to congratulate our trading & clearing members, clearing banks, and technology providers for the seamless execution of the clearing, trading and settlement cycle and thank them all for the support provided in enabling GBOT become the gateway to connect Africa to the global financial markets.
Joseph Hadrian Bosco: GBOT was launched with a vision of creating a world-class financial marketplace in Africa.
GBOT is the first international multi-asset class exchange from Mauritius that will offer a basket of commodity derivative products, including metals, energy, agri-soft, and currency derivative products, on its state-of-the-art electronic exchange platform, with efficient clearing and settlement systems to ensure counterparty guarantee for all trades.
Bosco, the CEO of GBOT, gives further examples from real life.
At CeBIT, the company showcases projects where Gbots have been put to use.
Pacific Controls, the Dubai-headquartered world class developer and provider of global total automation solutions, announced the unveiling of GBots (Virtual Robots), a pioneering technology that will transform energy and facility management enabling complete remote management and maintenance using distributed intelligent systems on wired and wireless networks.
The world's first bot-enabled controller for commercial use, "bot gateway," uses the pioneering Gbots technology.