GBPAGrand Bahama Port Authority
GBPAGettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association
GBPAGirls and Boys Preparatory Academy (Texas)
GBPAGhana Book Publishers Association
GBPAGlucan Binding Protein A
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The difference between GBPA and classical BPA is the restriction of (4), which means the empty set should also be regarded as a focal element and represents the union of the focal element out of the given FOD.
Banas, "Inactivation of the gbpA gene of Streptococcus mutans increases virulence and promotes in vivo accumulation of recombinations between the glucosyltransferase B and C genes," Infection and Immunity, vol.
How to determine the generalized basic probability assignment (GBPA) in an open world is still an open issue.
In GET, the generalized basic probability assignment (GBPA) corresponds to basic probability assignment (BPA) in D-S evidence theory, which is used for data expression and modeling, the generalized combination rule (GCR) is provided for combining conflicting or inconsistent or uncertain body of evidence, and GCR is generalized from Dempster's rule of combination.