GBPPGenius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist
GBPPGreen Building Professional Partnership (China)
GBPPGaris-Garis Besar Program Pengajaran (Indonesian: Teaching and Learning Program Guidelines)
GBPPGreat Britain Parliamentary Papers
GBPPGreen Badge Parking Permit (Manchester is my Planet; energy project; UK)
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There appears to be a distinct role for the GBPP, after all.
The measurement system used by the GBPP is the following: the device emits a helium and neon laser beam with 64 rays (Figure 2) with a separation of 0.2 mm, and a receiver positioned 63 cm from the emitter detects how many rays are intercepted by a body (a raindrop or other object) that crosses the sampling area of 63 x 1.26 [cm.sup.2].
In other words, the GBPP measures the spectrum of drop sizes from 0.2 mm, in 63 channels.
As the GBPP does not measure this parameter, it is necessary to assume that it takes a certain value.
During this interval, the GBPP detected 105,192 drops, distributed in intervals of ten seconds, as shown in Figure 7.