GBRAGuadalupe-Blanco River Authority (Seguin, TX)
GBRAGeorgia Bicycle Racing Association
GBRAGas-Cooled Breeder Reactor Association
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"It is time we start looking to desalination," said Bill West, the general manager of the GBRA. "We have successfully assembled a number of members on this project, and we believe the sooner we get started the better."
While specific numbers were not discussed, the GBRA estimates that seawater desalination in the state would be at least a $1 billion project.
HLA-DRB1 RA iliskili alleller hem YBRA, hem de GBRA'nin baslamasinda rol oynamaktadir.
Steve Kosub, a lawyer for the water utility, said most of GBRA's permits were issued long before the San Antonio Water System began discharging wastewater into the river, and that its water primarily comes from the Guadalupe River.
Officials with GBRA and the San Antonio Water System, or SAWS, worry that a ruling in favor of the nonprofit would mean more water would have to flow into the refuge, leaving less for their customers.
The GBRA's biggest customers are the cities of New Braunfels and San Marcos, both of which recently restricted lawn-watering to once every two weeks as part of emergency drought restrictions.