GBRCGeneral Building Research Corporation of Japan (est. 1964)
GBRCGreater Bellingham Running Club (Washington)
GBRCGolden Bear Recreation Center (California)
GBRCGlobal Business Research Center (University of Tokyo)
GBRCGlobal Business Resource Center (University of Wisconsin - Whitewater)
GBRCGlasgow Biomedical Research Centre (UK)
GBRCGreat Barrier Reef Committee (est. 1922; now Australian Coral Reef Society)
GBRCGreat Basin Research Center (Ephraim, UT)
GBRCGreat Barrier Reef Cruise (Queensland, Australia)
GBRCGABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid)-Benzodiazepine Receptor Complex (brain)
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Finally, Fitch has varied criteria by assigning a parental support-driven IDR five notches above the sovereign rating, while Fitch's GBRC determines that parental support-driven IDRs are usually capped at two notches above the sovereign (or three where we view support as very robust in a stress scenario).
(59) On 12 September 1922 the GBRC held its first meeting in Brisbane and elected the Royal Society's president, Sir Matthew Nathan, as their chairman.
Determining the economic products of the Reef seemingly became GBRC's primary goal.
This expedition, jointly funded by the British and Australian governments, scientific societies (primarily in Australia, the GBRC) and businesses, comprised ten British marine biologists along with some permanent and visiting Australian scientists.
The RMOTC will provide potential funds for GBRC test its new capped well extraction prototype unit.
GBRC plans to use its technology to go back into these wells, convert the heavy oil to gas and bring the gas to the surface where it will be converted into diesel carbons and fuel oil carbons.