GBSDGround-Based Strategic Deterrence (US DoD)
GBSDGresham-Barlow School District (Oregon)
GBSDGovernor Baxter School for the Deaf (Falmouth, ME)
GBSDGreen Brook School District
GBSDGeneralized Bilateral Synchronous Epileptiform Discharges (neurosurgery)
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Northrop Grumman celebrated the groundbreaking of a new facility today, near Hill Air Force Base, to serve as a future headquarters for its workforce and nationwide team supporting the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) program, with the opportunity to add 2,500 jobs in the state of Utah.
The Ground Based Strategic Deterrent program, known as GBSD, makes up the ground-based leg of the United States' nuclear strike capability.
The GBSD program has been projected to cost $85 billion; the Navy's Columbia-class ballistic missile submarine program $102 billion; and the Air Force's B-21 stealth bomber program $97 billion.
While there's no guarantee Aerojet Rocketdyne will snag any GBSD work, success could make the 140-worker surge just a foretaste of big hiring on the horizon.
The new GBSD can harness new technology to improve the missile's accuracy and provide lower-yield options that can be appropriately tailored to the threat environment.
GBSD technique makes use of global information about the network to derive per message utility for any given routing metric.
Last August, the Air Force selected two companies--Boeing and Northrop Grumman--as the two primary competitors to design and build the GBSD. Both firms are now entering the second of a three-year, technology maturation and risk reduction phase, funded at roughly the same amount of money for each.
The Air Force awarded Boeing a USD 349 million contract to mature the GBSD (ground-based strategic deterrent) weapon system design.
The FY2013 budget request includes $11.7 million for a new project area known as Ground-based Strategic Deterrence (GBSD).
One is the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent, known as GBSD. It is expected to replace the Minuteman III system that has been in operation for decades.