GBSSIGranule-Bound Starch Synthase I
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A putative hybrid individual would contain one copy of the GBSSI gene with the 15 base-pair deletion and one copy of the gene that does not contain the deletion at this locus.
For field surveys of individual plants, it would be too costly and laborious to sequence the GBSSI region from each specimen to determine presence or absence of the deletion.
Fragments of nuclear GBSSI were amplified using primers L1-f and L4-r.
DISCUSSION--The PCR-RFLP results for specimens Hammer 303 (collected in Marysee Prairie Preserve, Liberty County, Texas) and Hammer 328 (collected in Fort Boggy State Park, Leon County, Texas) show the predicted GBSSI restriction-fragment pattern for a diploid genotype with one copy of the locus contributed by a D.
Specifically, PCR products should be cloned to deconstruct the GBSSI sequences into individual alleles.
d] AAAAAA Series according Ploidy to Hawkes (1990) Molecular markers DNA sequences Nuclear of GBSSI clades (a); COS (Spooner et markers, Cai et al.
2007 A phylogenetic analysis of the grasses (Poaceae), with attention to subfamily Pooideae and structural features of the plastid and nuclear genomes, including an intron loss in GBSSI.
Rosaceae) is clarified by DNA sequence data from duplicated GBSSI genes.