GBUMGilgit Baltistan United Movement
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Gilgit, Sept.21 ( ANI ): "Engineer" Manzoor Parwana, the Chairman of the Gilgit-Baltistan United Movement (GBUM), has demanded that the Pakistan Government come clean on Chinese activities in Gilgit Baltistan.
A three-member delegation of US embassy in Islamabad, including Lisa Buzenos, Political/Economic Officer and Kimberly Phelan, Political Officer, met chairperson of Gilgit-Baltistan United Movement (GBUM), Manzoor Hussain Parwana in Gilgit on May 31, reports reaching here said.
Ganjoo further quotes Manzoor Parwana, chairman of Gilgit-Baltistan United Movement (GBUM), as saying: "Pakistan should realize that Gilgit-Baltistan is an undeclared disputed area and technically not a part of Pakistan.