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For ssBLUP, since the estimated effects from the model are the pedigree and GBVs of the individuals, conventional breeding value and GBV can be estimated simultaneously by one analysis.
VanRaden [4] has suggested an algorithm to calculate genomic relationship coefficient matrix and estimate genomic breeding value (GBV).
Common models such as the Itti and the GBVS are widely used in the field of visual prosthesis [12,13].
Dewi Jones of Innovis said: "The project has demonstrated that GBVs are likely to be very useful for traits such as carcase lean percentage, meat tenderness and the proportion of meat in the more valuable cuts.
"As we build up more data we will gradually be able to introduce GBVs for important maternal traits."
Method Ours GBVS CAS Itti FT PCA Time (s) 2.65 0.70 7.68 0.895 0.44 2.68 Code Matlab Matlab, C++ Matlab Matlab Matlab Matlab Method DRFI wCtr Time (s) 3.238 0.723 Code Matlab Matlab
Related visual attention models are compared with the SR model to extract residential regions using GF-1 satellite images in our experiment, which include Itti model, GBVS model, and FT model.
In GBVS model, the input is also GF-1 satellite images with three multispectral bands (i.e., B1, B2, and B3) and a panchromatic band.
Model: Acronym Resolution AIM [16] [1/2](W x H) * GBVS [37] W x H MESR [39] 64 x 48 * ICL [46] W x H * Itti [37] W x H MPQFT [39] 64 x 48 AWS [23] W x H * SDSR [26] W x H SUN [47] [1/2](W x H) HFT [2] 128 x 128 LG [29] 256 x 256 ERDM [17] 512 x 512 [DELTA]QDCT [39] 64 x 48 * Proposed W x H TABLE 2: Various scales parameters which are used for evaluation of sparse and nonlinear representation.
(c) We include features used in a simple saliency model described by Torralba [25] and GBVS [21] and AWS [26] based on subband pyramids (Figure 5, images 17 to 19).
These eight models were AIM [30], AWS [26], Judd [23], Itti [16], GBVS [21], SUN [19], STB [26], and Torralba [31].
5 it can be seen that the GBVS algorithm can obtain clearer object foreground than the method proposed by Itti.