GBWTGreater Bible Way Temple (Jackson, MI)
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Although a number of studies have focused on USG findings in DHF patients, but our study stands distinct as it focuses on regional dengue epidemic, comparatively much higher number of patients are included, and GBWT was included in the analysis of patients with USG leakage.
GBWT is considered an important ultrasonographic finding suggestive of plasma leakage in DHF patients.
According to a study from Taiwan, GBWT is the most frequently seen USG pattern of plasma leakage.31 In a study from India, GBWT was noted in all of the 20 DHF cases.14 In Indonesia, a study noted GBWT in 72.7% of 66 DHF patients.22 Frequency of GBWT in our patients is comparatively very less i.e., 23.7%.
Plasma leakage features in combination: ascites in combination with pleural effusion; and ascites, pleural effusion and GBWT etc.
NS1 antigen detection test facilitates early diagnosis and GBWT predicts severity of severe dengue effectively.