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Table 2 shows the failover/retrieval and failover/retrieval notification latency versus increase in the number of provisioned VCs with 20 Mbps BW per VC, on experiments of 1 Gbytes ftp data transfer over each primary VC from the Gwangju to the Pusan site.
The Bilkent University succeeded in increasing for thousands of times the capacity of DVDs which are normally limited with 50-100 Gbyte through nanotechnology.
The original finite-element model from [23] is of size n = 124,992 and the sparse LU factorization of Q([tau]) requires about 6 GByte. As this is beyond the reach of 32-bit MATLAB (whose address space can only deal with arrays up to 2 GByte), the problem is first reduced to a gyroscopic eigenproblem of size n = 2,697 using AMLS in [10].
The baseband generators either provide complex signals in real time or output precalculated waveforms from the internal, 64 Msample arbitrary waveform generator, and the generated signals can be stored on the built-in, 20 Gbyte hard disk.
Equipped with one Gbyte of 266-MHz DDR SDRAM and two Mbytes of L2 cache, the P620 features a high-resolution dual-channel display interface with 2D/3D acceleration, two Gigabit Ethernet ports with Boot and Wake-On-LAN capabilities, and an AC-97 audio Line In/Out interface.
The CDs are also available from the Oracle Technology Network or are downloadable zip files (1.5 GByte).
The amount of information required can be gauged from the file size for a typical 20 x 20 mm hologram, which is up to 100 Gbyte. depending on image complexity.
Even computers that were acquired three of four years ago may have a hard disk of only one Gbyte. (One gigabyte = 1,000 megabytes).
Additionally, both editions include two Sun Fire 280R UltraSPARC III servers along with pre-confignred software, including Solaris 8, iPlanet Directory Server Access Management Edition 5, Sun StorEdge D2 storage arrays (72 Gbyte or 145 Gbyte), and 10 days of technical consulting.
Size Encoded Items/ Cost($)/ Items (Bytes) size Gbyte Item(*) page (b/w) fax 100K 4K 10-250K 0.00004-0.01 page (color) 6M 0.3(JPEG) 160-3,500 0.003-0.06 business card 5K 500 200K 0.00005 photograph 3M 25-400K 10,000 0.001 book 350pp 25M 1-2M 40-750 0.01-0.25 CD (1hr) 640M 60M 1.5-16 $0.60 LowQ video/hr 50-300Kbps 20-300M 3.3-50 0.002-3.30 MPEG video/hr 1.5Mbps 670M 1.5 6.70 HiQ video/hr DVD 4Mbps 1.8G 0.6 18 (*) 2000 system prices of $10,000 per terabyte or $10 per gigabyte.
According to Tim Kelly of the ITU, the present-day Internet user spends 30 hours a month on the Internet, amassing a 6.5 Gbyte bandwidth total for the month.
Thanks to its memory bus width and to a 14 percent increase in the chip's clock rate, the bus delivers a 9 Gbyte per second data rate.