GC-EADGas Chromatography - Electro-Antennographic Detection
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The capillary column and the temperature program were the same as those described for the GC-EAD analysis.
The GC-EAD analyses of male extracts showed that only 1 compound elicited response from female and male antennae.
The Peoria scientists are using GC-EAD to research other insects, such as sap beetles, which are pests of figs, dates, and corn; other sap beetles that spread a fungus which causes oak will of trees; exotic leaf beetles, which may someday control weedy tamarisk trees along western U.S.
Comparative GC-EAD responses of a specialist (Microplitis croceipes) and a generalist (Cotesia marginiventris) parasitoid to cotton volatiles induced by two caterpillar species.
GC-EAD responses of Pieris rapae males to volatiles of Solenopsis invicta.
Cabbage looper moths used for GC-EAD analyses were 2-6-d-old virgin females.