GC-NPDGas Chromatography with Nitrogen Phosphorus Detection (aka Gas Chromatography/Nitrogen-Phosphorus Detector; also seen as GC/NPD)
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The extracts of tebumpirimphos were analyzed on GC-NPD (Hewlett Packard Gas Chromatograph 5890 Series II with split injection and capillary column Supelco SPB 608 (30m x 0.53 mm x 0.50um)).
The GC-NPD method was tested for linearity with standard mixtures at eight concentration levels in the range from 0.0048 to1.20 (mu) g/ml.
The extraction efficiency and reproducibility of the SFE GC-NPD procedure were studied by analyzing the standards and fortified sugar beet samples taken in September.
It can be concluded that there is no significant matrix effect during GC-NPD. Despite that fact, the matrix-matched standard solutions were still used for the the calibration of tebupirimphos in the sample matrix.The results of the investigation of tebupirimphos dissipation in sugarbeet during the five- month period of sugar beet growing are shown in Table 1.
The concentrations of the aldehydes necessary to form the oximes in the hexane were determined by GC-NPD. The peak areas were compared to standards prepared in the lab.