GC3Global Command and Control Center
GC3Grand Challenge Cosmology Consortium
GC3Great Conversations 3 (anthology)
GC3Green Chemistry and Commerce Council (Lowell, MA)
GC3Government Command, Control, and Communications (System)
GC3Global Conflict 3 (gaming)
GC3Ground Control Car Club (formed in 1996)
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* The Retail Leadership Council (RLC) of the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council (GC3) issued a statement crafted by major retailers calling on chemical companies and suppliers to develop safer alternatives for flame retardants, plasticizers, water and stain repellents, and other chemicals in products sold at retail.
The plant efficiency in taken up P greatly varied among growth cycles (Figure 1), from 0.09-0.14g P [plant.sup.-1] g [root.sup.-1] (GC1), 0.02-0.03g P [plant.sup.-1] g [root.sup.-1] (GC2) and 0.02-0.10g P [plant.sup.-1] g [root.sup.-1] (GC3).
We isolated nine clones belonging to GC3 to 9, except for GC4, classified into type 2 which showed characteristics similar to that of CR8071 and reported the evidence showing there are at least four epitopes that commonly present on HAs of both Yamagata and Victoria lineage viruses.
Data in Table 6 reveal that in KVB management gives more importance to urban employees (GC1; [t.sub.stat] 3.64 > [t.sub.crit] 2.59 and P0.000 < [alpha] 0.01), spends more resources for their development (GC3; [t.sub.stat] 2.02 > [t.sub.crit] 1.97 and P0.045 < [alpha] 0.05) and makes excellent efforts to improve their job skills (GC4; [t.sub.stat] 4.09 > [t.sub.crit] 2.59 and P0.000 < [alpha] 0.01).
GC2 and GC3 represent the number of times the respondents had participated in green commuting in the last month, and the higher mean of these two items for urban, compared with suburban, respondents indicates that this group had performed more environmentally friendly behavior during that time.
Apesar de nao ser significativa estatisticamente, e notavel a tendencia de reducao da atividade de agua durante o armazenamento para todos os tratamentos, com excecao das formulacoes GC3 e GC4 formulados com as maiores concentracoes de pectina, corroborando com Assis et al.
The isolated DNA was checked by agarose gel electrophoresis and was used as template for the PCR ampification of ITS region using ITS1 (5'-TCC gTA ggT gAA CCT gCg g-3') and ITS4 (5'-TCC TCC gCT TAT TgA TAT gC3') primers described by White et al.
The glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) mRNA level was used to standardize the measurements of Rab27b and the primers for GAPDH were as follows: forward primer 5'-TGC ACC ACC AAC TGC TTA GC3' and reverse primer 3'-GGC ATG GAC TGT GGT CAT GAG-57.