GCCGGerman Code of Corporate Governance (good management standards)
GCCGGay Classic Car Group (UK)
GCCGGlobal Compliance Consultancy Group
GCCGGeneric Collectible Card Game
GCCGGynecological Cancer Cooperative Group (European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer)
GCCGGold Coast Cymbidium Growers (California)
GCCGGulf Coast Consulting Group
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Sharif and Sarwar [26] explored how GCCG can explain accelerated expansion of the universe by interpreting different physical parameters and showed that the fluid is adiabatically stable.
This EoS reduces to GCCG as A [right arrow] 0 [26] while GCG is recovered in the limit A [right arrow] 0 along with [gamma] [right arrow] 0 [13].
For VMCG model, the squared speed of sound could be positive or negative [25] whereas for GCCG model, the stable regions do not exist in late universe [26].
To support the exotic matter at the wormhole throat, we model wormholes by taking GCCG and modified cosmic Chaplygin gas (MCCG) EoSs in the following subsections.
We model the exotic matter with GCCG [27] at the shell to investigate the wormhole dynamics.
The results corresponding to GCCG and MCCG for the stability of Schwarzschild-de Sitter and antide Sitter configurations are summarized as follows.
(i) Firstly, we have investigated solutions for GCCG corresponding to [gamma] = 0.2, 0.6, 1.