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GCCRGeorgia Comprehensive Cancer Registry
GCCRGriffith Centre for Cultural Research (Australia)
GCCRGreater Chicago Cavalier Rescue (Illinois)
GCCRGlucocorticoid Receptor
GCCRGrossmont Center for Clinical Research (California)
GCCRGay Community Center of Richmond (Richmond, VA)
GCCRGlobal Climate Change Research (earth science)
GCCRGroup in Charge of the Cultural Revolution (China)
GCCRGovernor’s Commission on Corrections Reform (Massachusetts)
GCCRGarrison Commander's Conference Room
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Study participants were recruited from the GCCR, which collects all demographic, tumor, and treatment-related information about the patient at the time of reporting.
For all cancer patients, the GCCR records the CT corresponding to their residential address.
(6,9) The Gulf Centre for Cancer Registration (GCCR), which was established in 1998, collects data from each of the GCC national cancer registries and publishes periodic incidence reports.
Similarly, data provided in the GCCR reports did not specify the site or histological type (diffuse or intestinal) of stomach cancer.
(2005) reported that two cases of leukemia were observed during 1980-1989, which is slightly less than the number of cases expected based on GCCR incidence data (Schmitz-Feuerhake et al.
Genes induced by P4 and further stimulated by IFNT in uterine LE/sGE include: i) morphogens (GRP, IRF6); ii) proteases (CTSL); iii) protease inhibitors (CST3); iv) mediators of cell migration and adhesion including SPP1, galectin 15 (LGALS15), periostin (POSTN) and insulin-like growth factor binding protein 1 (IGFBP1); v) hypoxia inducible factors (HIF1A and HI[F.sub.2[alpha]]) that stimulate angiogenesis and erythropoiesis; vi) hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 11B (HSD11B1) that mediates corticosterone metabolism and expression of glucocorticoid recetors (GCCR); vii) synthesis of prostaglandins (PTGS2) ; and viii) IRF2 a potent repressor of transcription (Bazer et al., 2009; Bazer et al., 2010; Bazer et al., 2011a).
In this study we used data from the Georgia Comprehensive Cancer Registry (GCCR) linked to Medicaid enrollment and claims to address the following research questions:
The GCCR is a statewide population-based cancer registry of all incident cancer cases diagnosed in any Georgia county since 1999.