GCCS-AGlobal Command and Control System - Army (US DoD)
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Although designers built GCCS-A--and for the Marines GCCS-Maritime--for echelons-at-corps and above, PEO C3T also equipped GCCS-A or GCCS-M to all divisions and selected brigades, alongside and connected to the in-house digital systems, according to MAJ Scott.
C2PC is considered a partner system with GCCS-A for the way it reads from the GCCS databases and displays the terrain and an integrated blue-red picture, said MAJ Scott.
While GCCS-A provided the solutions for interoperability at the higher echelons, a variant of the vehicle-mounted computer, Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below called BFT provided interoperability at lower echelons.
A more detailed explanation of the ASAS to GCCS-A procedure is necessary.
MCS transmits the friendly situation ("Blue") picture to GCCS-A. The merging of the Red and Blue pictures at the Service component level--in this case the U.S.
As previously mentioned, GCCS-A is the ABCS point of entry into the Joint GCCS architecture.