GCCTGlobal Coalition for Conflict Transformation
GCCTGenetic Consequences of Cancer Treatment
GCCTGlacier Credit Card Trust (Canada)
GCCTGroupe de Coordination Chaussées Terrassement (French: Earthworks Highways Coordination Group)
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'We are proud to be associated with GCCT, which I am aware is a center for children who are orphaned, living with disabilities, HIV affected and community children who require care and compassion, therefore, I want to commend them and notify them that we recognise their efforts and good work hence the need to extend this noble gesture,' said Advocate Keetshabe.
Each class of notes will also be supported by a designated cash reserve account to be funded by GCCT if excess spread falls below 4.0%.
Quality Servicing Capabilities: Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is an effective servicer, as evidenced by the historical delinquency and loss performance of GCCT's receivables.
if the youth surpassed the cut-off score on the GCCT. (150) The six
Cooper's juvenile adaptation of the GCCT and creating a Trust in My
GCCT and the FIT-R--nor the MacCAT-CA constitute a valid assessment of
The Competency Screening Test and the GCCT are especially problematic.
CpRNFLT, mRNFLT, and GCCT were determined with 3D OCT-2000 software (version 8.00; Topcon Inc.).
The RnFlT and GCCT of the CPB were measured with automatic analysis software developed by the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Yamagata University.
Spearman's correlation analysis was used to determine the correlation between the data from the structural examinations, that is, RNFLT and GCCT, and the data from the functional tests, that is, MD and BCVA (logMAR), as well as the ratio of tissue area MBR in the horizontal quadrants, that is, the temporal and nasal tissue area MBR (T/N MT).
The parameters most strongly correlated with T/N MT were mid-CPB RNFLT, mRNFLT, mid-CPB GCCT, and macular GCCT (r = 0.62, r = 0.66, r = 0.57, and r = 0.56, resp., all P < 0.01).
Among these parameters, we found that T/N MT, the ratio of optic nerve microcirculation in the temporal quadrant, was strongly correlated with RNFLT in the mid-CPB and macular areas and with GCCT in the mid-CPB and macular areas.