GCCVGerman Car Club of Victoria (Australia)
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Phenotypic correlation coefficients among nodule fresh weight at 20 (NFW20) and 60 (NFW60) days after planting (DAP), nodule fresh weight canonical variable (NFWCV)([dagger]), total N accumulation at 60 DAP (TNA60), total N accumulation between 60 DAP and the R6 stage([double dagger]) (TNAR6), percent total plant N in reproductive tissue at the R6 stage (PTPNR6), grain yield (YLD) and seed protein yield (PROY) in 1992, 1993, and 1994 at Becker, MN, and a growth chamber canonical variable (GCCV)([sections]) among 19 soybean lines([para]).
([sections]) Growth chamber canonical variable (GCCV) was developed by analyzing NFW, plant dry weight, and nodule soluble protein content.