GCDSGood Citizen Dog Scheme (UK)
GCDSGod Can't Destroy Streetwear (clothing brand; Italy)
GCDSGreenwich Country Day School (Greenwich, CT)
GCDSGran Canaria Desktop Summit
GCDSGreater Cleveland Dental Society (Ohio)
GCDSGlobal Content Delivery Service
GCDSGlobal Cassava Development Strategy (agriculture)
GCDSGroupement Corrézien de Défense Sanitaire (French livestock health organization)
GCDSGold Coast Design Studio (Australia)
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When a user requests information from an application, the request is sent to the GCDS server closest to the end user.
GCDS improves the performance and delivery of web-based applications by storing content on servers that are close to the end user community, no matter where they are located.
GCDS NetStorage is a secure DOD enterprise storage solution that eases burdens associated with storing static content by storing it closer to end users and serving it through a web application.
GCDS Web Application Firewall allows web application owners to effectively detect and block malicious web based attacks.
GCDS and Akamai Technologies, the TAMIS commercial vendor, provide TAMIS with an in-depth defense capability by determining attack patterns and implementing countermeasures to stop them.
Three specific items were chosen from the GCDS for chi-square tests with the economic status categories.
The GCDS and the satisfaction scale were initially written in English and then translated verbatim to Spanish by a hired translator.
Dividing the sample into six rank-ordered economic status groups allowed the use of an ANOVA to compare average satisfaction and GCDS scores.
These three groups were then compared on their responses to specific items in the GCDS.
Using the three-level economic status variable, table 2 reports the ANOVA results for mean scores on the GCDS and satisfaction scale as well as the Chi-square results for responses to the three specific items from the GCDS.