GCGPGénie Chimique-Génie des Procédés (French)
GCGPGloucestershire County Golf Partnership (est. 2006; UK)
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Effect of GCGP on NO Production and iNOS Expression.
Effects of NF-[kappa]B Inhibitors on NO Production and iNOS Expression Induced by GCGP. To further investigate the effect of GCGP on NF-[kappa]B activation, NF-[kappa]B inhibitors were involved.
Effects of GCGP Competitively Binding RAW264.7 Cells with FITC-LPS.
In our study, we have found that GCGP adjusted NO production in RAW264.7 cells, which is probably one of the mechanisms of its clinical effect.
In the present study, our results showed that GCGP can significantly induce NO production in RAW264.7 cells.
As we had already found that GCGP can regulate NO production and iNOS expression in macrophage cells, consequently we considered whether GCGP exerted its action through a signaling pathway involving NF-[kappa]B.
One of the significant successes of the GCGP was the adoption by cabinet of the CMM as the guide for the development of cabinet memoranda and government policy.
A commitment to consult and align the GCGP with other donor governance initiatives in Ghana was successfully met.
One notable success of the GCGP has been the development of a performance management system for the civil service.
The GCGP organized a series of seminars for over 200 mid- to top-level civil servants from the Office of the President, Cabinet Secretariat, PCMEU, CMAs, PPMEDs, RSIMDs (including chief directors and gender desk officers) from all of the MDAs on cabinet decision-making process, policy development and analysis, policy options development, policy reviews, presentations and briefings on what an effective and well-defined cabinet approval process is.
As part of the GCGP, a comprehensive set of guidelines was developed for transition planning in Ghana.
Based on the success of the GCGP, there were attempts to support similar initiatives in critical areas of government by some of the donor agencies, principally to gain favour and access to the centre which was considered important to their work in the country.