GCISCGlobal Change Impact Studies Centre (Islamabad, Pakistan)
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The GCISC sources told reporter that the incumbent government is facilitating collaboration of various local and international scientists and experts who are being engaged in research activities of water resources implications.
'There is extension or outreach source of GCISC to sensitize farmers at the grass roots level whereas its sole mandate is research and capacity building of linked institutes in terms of research,' Goheer said.
Speaking about priorities in the face of climate change, Dr Shahbaz Mehmood, head of the Climatology and Environment Section at GCISC, said that Pakistan for almost the last decade had consistently been ranked among the top 10 countries most affected by climate change.
GCISC's Executive Director Dr Tariq Banuri stressed that, "We have to learn to survive and prosper in a world defined by climate change" because it is not a future challenge, it is happening now and affecting the whole world.
He explained that studies carried out by GCISC, the climate ministry's research wing, pointed out that average temperature over Pakistan would increase in the coming decades at a pace faster than that of the average global temperature increase.
Khan (2009) Climate Profile and Past Climate Changes in Pakistan, Global Change Impact Studies Center (GCISC)-RR-Ol.
Institutional security is assured by educational and research institutions like centres of excellence of our universities as well as WAPDA, Pakistan Meteorological Department, GCISC, PCSIR, PCWR and SUPARCO.
The Global Change Impact Studies Centre (GCISC), the research wing of the Ministry of Climate Change, was set up 11 years ago, to track climate change trends, analyze their effects on Pakistan, and help the government develop climate change policies and action plans.
The Punjab government initiative of Inland Water Transport Development Company (IWTDC) has faced rebuttal from Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC); the Global Climate Change Impact Studies Centre (GCISC) which is research wing of the ministry has marked observations that the project could have diverse impacts on aquatic ecosystem if necessary protocols are not ensured and safeguards were not placed in the site.
The studies done by Global Change Impact Studies Centre (GCISC) have shown that Pakistan is witnessing twice the average global warming elsewhere.
Global Change Impact Studies Centre (GCISC) serves as the secretariate to PMCCC.
Unlike many other competitions, GCISC works with their feature winners for months to get their scripts polished and edited and their selling materials in order to greatly increase their chances of success.