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GCKGarden City (Amtrak station code; Garden City, KS)
GCKGminne Centrum Kultury (Polish: Municipal Cultural Center)
GCKGene Construction Kit (Textco BioSoftware, Inc.)
GCKGroup Cipher Key
GCKGarden City, KS, USA - Garden City Municipal Airport (Airport Code)
GCKGas Conversion Kit
GCKGeneral Cadet Knowledge
GCKGroupe Cycliste Kerhuonnais (French cycling club; Le Relecq-Kerhuon, France)
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De novo mutations of GCK, HNF1A and HNF4A may be more frequent in MODY than previously assumed.
GCK mutation (up to 95%) was the most common cause in the studies that reported higher MODY frequency (6,7,22).
The success of the fasting and refeeding procedure was confirmed by examining the expression levels of the cytosolic form of Pck1, Fas, Igfbp-1 and Gck genes, which are known to be regulated during the cycle of fasting and refeeding (23).
This later situation has been previously reported for a homozygous GCK mutation leading to permanent neonatal diabetes [10].
The expression levels of the other genes evaluated (tg, ghrelin, cck, gck) were not statistically significant (Fig.
* Game content knowledge (GCK): assessing teachers' confidence in using digital games to represent specific content, such as "I can identify whether the core concepts of the subject matter knowledge are displayed in the digital games."
On the contrast, in our study, HIF1[alpha] overexpression in the macrophages was accompanied with high mRNA levels of Pdkl, Pgkl, Glutl, Gck, and Pkm2 (Figure 4), which was responsible for activated glycolysis.
Although these animals showed normal glucose production from pyruvate, changes in the expression of important genes for glucose metabolism, such as GCK, G6Pase, PCK2, and GLUT2, suggest that as a result of steatosis, glycolysis could be impaired.
For the detection of glycerol kinase (GK) and glucokinase (GCK), similar concentrations of total protein were resolved in an SDS-PAGE system at 12% acrylamide concentration.
Specific primer pairs (cross-intron) were designed based on the mRNA sequences of Rattus norvegicus (provided by NCBI) for insulin, glucagon (Gcg), glucokinase (Gck), glucose transporter type 2 (GLUT2), insulin receptor substrate 1 (Irs1), and insulin receptor substrate 2 (Irs2) and synthesized by TaKaRa (Table 2).
This early peak of insulin secretion was suggestive of the glucose sensor theory by Matshinsky et al., who proposed glucokinase (GCK, hexokinase IV) as a glucose sensor [65-68].
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